Year #2: Med Science Student Not Any Closer To Dream Of Being Surgeon

For one Medical science undergrad in Melbourne’s east, a sad reality has set in this week.

Second year Ryan Young (Monash University), is no closer to his dream of being a surgeon than he was at the end of high school.

“My WAM’s more pathetic than the price of crypto.”

“How am I ever going to internal transfer?”

Although it’s common knowledge that doing a Med Science degree actually makes it tougher to switch to Medicine, it appears Ryan, went with the research-intensive program anyway.

“I thought I could get my foot in the door, but turns out they have a really good security system in the Medical Faculty – an HD WAM.”

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“I may as well have done gender studies”

Ryan’s best mate, Owen, who’s taken a slightly easier route of doing a general arts degree says he’s on track to transfer in the next semester.

“Haha yeah. My WAM’s at 93 and all I do is take Ritalin before exams.”

“I’ve got Anthropology of Sex today for fucks sakes hahah.”

With his future more unclear than an arts student, the part-time medical receptionist is now asking some tough questions.

“Is it too late to apply for GAMSAT?”

More spice to come.

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