YAP Starts Movember With Facial Hair Already One Month Into Growth

As the calendar year winds down before festive season, one YAP (Young Asian Professional) in Melbourne’s startup scene, is looking to make his mark on this year’s Movember fundraising initiative.

The only catch is, he’s been growing the mo since the start of October.

“Did I have a 30 day head start?” Andrew Lew asks our reporter rhetorically. “Maybe”

“Do I care? Hell to the no brotha”

“I’m just leveling the playing field”.

Captain of the work Movember team, Ben Dawson from legal, informs us that he already knows Andy can’t grow facial hair for shit.

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“But if we raise $1,000 as a team, work will match it so I’m going to let it slide”

Andy, caught wind of some of Ben’s comments to our staff and immediately got defensive.

“I’m just trying to break bamboo ceiling, one hair follicle at a time,”

“Don’t take this away from me”.

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Martin is the Chief Strategist at The YAP Native. Pressured to study medicine by his parents, he defaulted to commerce and found his calling sucking the corporate teet of the finance sector. You can catch him 'flexing' with a Single Malt Scotch Whisky at various upper class watering holes in Sydney CBD on Fridays.