Subtle Asian Dater Blames Lack Of Likes On Lack Of Emoji Use

Not Wholesome

Despite spending over a week crafting a ‘self-auction’ post in the latest Facebook group to steal our newsfeeds, YAP Native writer Ignatius Chan has seen just 34 likes and two comments since it was published 7 hours ago.

And there’s only one reason why.

“I didn’t use enough emojis bro. I was too subtle”

The Sydney-based member points to the 80% North American core of Subtle Asian Dating who on average use over 50 emoji’s per post, compared to a modest 10 on his part.

And while Ignatius does have a point, he fails to consider that he may just be ugly.

“I’m not going to confirm to these rubbish standards. Take it or leave it ladies”

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One Vancouver-based user Tiffany Vu (21) says not only did Chan lack sexiness, but he failed show the right qualities needed to make her “shoot her shot”.

“Not wholesome, a misogynist and has 3 total friends on Facebook”

“All is see are Cons lmao”

Ignatius says he does have ‘Pros’ but unfortunately you won’t see them because he didn’t place enough emojis before them.

“Women are fucked. Do they know who I am?”

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Martin is the Chief Strategist at The YAP Native. Pressured to study medicine by his parents, he defaulted to commerce and found his calling sucking the corporate teet of the finance sector. You can catch him 'flexing' with a Single Malt Scotch Whisky at various upper class watering holes in Sydney CBD on Fridays.