Sister Still Hasn’t Told Mum And Dad About Her Indian Boyfriend

Kelvin Szeto (22) loves his older sister Jessica (28) very much. They’ve always looked out for each unconditionally as way of navigating the waters of judgemental Singaporean parents and western society.

But there is one burden that Jessica has unfairly left on Kelvin’s shoulder. It’s hiding the well-kept secret of Jessica’s Indian boyfriend from their parents, for almost half a year.

“Look, I was happy to cover for her and Nav in the first, second and even the third month.”

“But now I’m starting to create lies to cover up lies. How the fuck am I supposed to explain a Sari rocking up in the wash?”

Kelvin says while Jessica is at liberty to date whoever she wants, it would almost make things easier for all parties if Jessica just dated a Chinese medical professional.

“Honestly, I like Nav.”

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“But I also gotta look out for uno-numero.”

More spice to come.

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Jen is the lifestyle editor at The YAP Native. As a long time sufferer of a condition known as wanderlust Jenny has been to over 6 continents and dated both guys and girls from roughly 20 different ethnicities.