Three Semi-Talkative Friends Get Pho In the Morning

Its 11am in the morning. Ngoc Tran, the patron at Pho Pasteur in Canley Vale sees three fully grown adults slump wordlessly into her restaurant. They make dead-panned eye contact, raise three fingers on their hand wordlessly and slither into a familiar table by the wall.

Three phones are immediately taken out. They sit quietly, the only sounds coming from one of them replaying an insta story from the night before.

“How drunk was Daniel last night”

“Hur hur hur”

Last night’s big dick energy (BDE) has all but been sapped. Now they sit there flaccidly, the only remedy a potion of beef bone broth.

One of them still has her hoodie on. She looks at pictures from last night. She looks beautiful in a stunning red dress and make-up. The contrast to her current state; in a pink, stained hoodie and pallid complexion is breathtaking. It might not even be the same person.

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The three friends devour their noodles. Like human batteries, they feel themselves slowly being recharged. Previously it felt like they were scraping the barrel of human existence. Now they feel well enough to get on with their day and be productive members of society.

And after a post-pho bubble tea, they are ready to engage in a productive day. And a productive day for them is of course 6 hours of lounging around, facebook scrolling and then dinner.

More on these three friends as we find out more.

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