REPORT: Asians Might Actually Exist In New Zealand

Same same but dufferent

A completely spontaneous trip by two team members of The Yap Native has found a ground breaking development of our species: Asian life may in fact exist across the Tasman sea.

Whilst on a seven day secret getaway to New Zealand to explore the slopes and their growing sexual tension, TYN reporters Jimmy Casino (In-field correspondent) and Jenny Zhang (Lifestyle editor) stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall Korean Barbecue joint.

With a week between her last soju pour, Jen suggested a visit

“Wtf?” Exclaimed Jimmy as the pair took a seat next to another Asian couple.

“You guys fly in today too?”

Harold Lee and Gina Kim, who seemed a bit too chill, invited Jen and Jimmy to join tables.

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“Nah gee! I’m Auckland-born and Gloria came from Koreah when she was sex,” claimed Harold.

“Have a shot of frush Soju with es,” offered Gloria.

Jenny, who was eager to get the party started, enthusiastically took on the offer. Jimmy on the other hand just wanted to know who the hell he was dealing with.

“I dunno Jen, why are they speaking like thet

“Oh stop being a wet blanket James. Shots!”

After the shot, Jen decided to throw in her best New Zealand accent.

“Just relex bro, we’re not en Sudney. No lock-out laws.”


Jimmy eventually warmed up to the couple after Gloria winked flirtatiously at him as he passed her the kumchi.

“I guess they’re same-same but dufferent”


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Ignatius is the lead business journo for The YAP Native and part-time crypto investor. While' Iggy' studied a Bachelor of Commerce, he considers himself a Master in Culture.