Poorly Raised Nephew Calls Ay-Yi 1 Ay-Yi 2

The level of disrespect

After brushing up on his Chinese in the car, Samuel Wen (15) felt ready to power through small talk with his relatives at Grandmas’ birthday dinner.

And it all seemed to be going to plan.

hǎo ma? Wo hen hao. Wǒ shàng jiǔ niánjí” he let fly as he hugged Grandma and Grandpa.

But then ‘Wen’ offered in Chinglish to help his Mum’s oldest sister to chop up the vegetables.

“Ay-Yi 2, hǎo bu hǎo? Can I help you slice those bamboo shoots?”

Ay-Yi 1 who was in the middle of scaling a snapper, dropped the fish on the kitchen tiles in shock.

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“Is this your son mèi mei?” she barked at her younger sister. “Why he think I’m middle sister?”

The tiger auntie then glanced at Samuel and down to his feet revealing two pairs of vans still on inside the house, and then back to his mum.

Mei Meis face then became this colour.

“Jiĕjie, That’s not my son,” before dragging the little shit by the ear to the next room for a stern lecture.

Our reporter Polly Wong who is friends with Sams older sister Katrina, got additional comments over Skype this morning as to why she didn’t step in to help Sam.

“My hands were tied”

“Wear some shoes in the house, I can probably cover you, but fuck up Aiyis name? You’re on your own buddy”

Mum, who hasn’t forgotten, apparently doesn’t plan on ever forgetting.

“She’ll remind him of this when he gets married”

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