Opinion: Gillette Ad Not Inclusive Of Asian Men Who Can’t Grow Beard

Note: The views expressed by the writer are not shared by The YAP Native.

Now there’s a lot of people ‘triggered’ by the most recent We Believe The Best ad by Gillette.

I mean, you have those Men’s Right Activists (MRA’s) who will be switching razor brands because they don’t want to be emasculated apparently.

Then you have ‘most’ other people who have told these Broflakes to sit down.

But no one’s said a thing to me.

As a 28 year old Australian born Chinese male who can’t grow a beard, I’ve had enough.

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Where was our representation in the misogynistic behaviour?

Just because I’m good at maths, doesn’t mean I can’t be toxic.

Just come to karaoke with me on a Friday night.

Yeah, I’ll shout you bags and call you a slut.

I’ll scream the lyrics to Kendrick Lamar.

Just let me be toxic. Attack me.

Asian Broflake out.

’Iggy’ Or Ignatius Chan is the business and political journalist for The Yap Native. He often takes credit for coining the term ‘Bamboo Ceiling’. He spends most of his spare time debating White Male Asian Female relationships in online forums and Facebook groups.

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Ignatius is the lead business journo for The YAP Native and part-time crypto investor. While' Iggy' studied a Bachelor of Commerce, he considers himself a Master in Culture.