Long Distance Girlfriend On Exchange Reaches Finish Line Of Relationship In Record Time


A relationship that originally began at Melbourne University, has today entered its final stretch, or as popularised by Youtube channel Wong Fu Productions, Stage 7: Breaking up.

The couple, Darren Wu (21) and Jessica Vong (20), decided to make things long distance roughly 6 months ago, after Jessica successfully applied for exchange without consulting Darren.

But after just 3 days of college life at The University of Connecticut, Jessica has discovered the finish line to her relationship: sexual freedom.

“And boy is she running for it” reveals roommate Emily.

“Jessica’s discovered how fun frat boys can be, and I know because I’ve been locked out 3 times this week

“Classes haven’t even started.”

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After speaking to Jessica, she agreed to let us listen in on a dreaded Skype catchup with Darren.

“So babe, I’m thinking of coming over mid-sem maybe stay near your campus! You excited or what?!”

At this point, Jessica switched the wifi on and off numerous times, before sending Darren a message on WhatsApp.

“Your connections fucked babe, talk next week? :)”

More spice to come.

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Jen is the lifestyle editor at The YAP Native. As a long time sufferer of a condition known as wanderlust Jenny has been to over 6 continents and dated both guys and girls from roughly 20 different ethnicities.