Lebron James: This Season Of GOT More Disappointing Than Lakers Season

Despite ending his season with a measly 37 win – 45 loss record, three-time NBA champion Lebron James is starting to see a silver-lining.

That’s because the former MVP is 6 disappointing episodes into this seasons Game Of Thrones.

The ultra-thin plot and questionable pace of season 8 now overshadows a year where “The King” was heavily criticised for playing no defence and forcing the hand of the front office.

“When y’all put things into perspective, I actually had a pretty good season,” James told The Native in an exclusive interview.

“Sure…I missed the playoffs, but I’m in my 16th year. I’m an old-head haha. Can you imagine if I stopped performing at season 8? Hahahaha I’m weak at the thought”

“Yeah that’s what them GOT fans are going through right now ya know? At the end of the day I just play basketball. But these GOT Fans… they gotta go work on Monday, come home, cook… just so they can be disappointed by some shitty-ass writing”

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James adds that Laker Nation has it much better than fans of the HBO favourite.

“We at least got some cap space ya feel? I think HBO out of cap space for some new writers but don’t quote me on dat”

(LBJ would later note: “I hear K-drama has some excellent writing”)

Although he has spent more time on GOT than watching the rest of the playoffs, he’s still managed to keep up with the results, add James as he tucks into a pan fried red snapper with asparagus.

“Aside from them light skin fellas in The Bay, I’m liking dese playoffs mayne”

“Kyrie done learning his lesson in Boston and gon come back to The King”

“Summer is coming”

[hor hor hor]

More spice to come.

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