Korean BBQ Offers Michelin Star Service Once Korean Mate Arrives

korean bbq setup with side dishes

No way dude

After years of speculation it’s now been confirmed that you can receive Michelin Star service from Korean restaurants if you have a Korean mate.

Prior to Mr. Park arriving (identity hidden due to confidentiality), The Native’s test subjects Jimmy, Martin and Jen were being sold the more expensive of Soju and given A-grade dirty looks from the staff for smashing the service button on the table.

Once Mr. Park arrived and busted out the “Ahn Yeong Ha Sai Yo”, local menus containing standard prices for Soju and BBQ were given to the table. Side dishes were refilled to the brim and the BBQ hot plates were replaced every 15 minutes with the efficiency of a world-class pit stop racing team.

“Knew it was a good idea bringing the Kimchi monkey of the group out”, Jimmy said as their table got swamped by food.

“And they say service is dead”

Not getting the best service at your local Korean BBQ? It’s time to get some Korean mates. The Native suggests the following ways to befriend an unsuspecting Korean person:

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  • Join a Korean Oztag team.
  • Get into KPOP.
  • Hate any other type of Asians.
  • Go to your local Korean Powerchurch.

Got any other suggestions? Leave them in the Facebook comments.

More kimchi to come.

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