Indian Athlete Makes Natural Transition from Cricketer to Soccer Goalkeeper

Rick Singh has wrapped up another enjoyable season of fourth grade cricket with a healthy batting average of 35 and 8 catches in the slips cordon.

However the weather has started to cool and NBA playoffs are right around the corner meaning Rick will take on the mantle of goalkeeper for his mates soccer team.

“Keen show the beautiful game just how sweet these hands are.”

Rick’s thankless position was left vacant 3 years ago when his captain’s Dad required a hip replacement, an injury sustained by diving for a penalty.

Despite never playing soccer before, Rick’s quick reflexes and natural acrobatic ability made him a suitable fit for the position.

“Nobody wants to be keeper,” said Nick, captain of the Wilson Bears. So we just threw Rick in there.”

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“He can’t kick for shit though, our fullbacks to take his goal kicks.”

More spice to come.

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Goannadeep is senior journalist at The YAP Native. After completing an Arts degree, he succumbed to the pressure of his parents and is making steady progress towards the Charted Accountant accreditation.