Siargao Hotel Manager Feeds Family With Likes & Shares From Generous Influencer

A Filipino-based hotel manager has today thanked one of her guests for the influx of likes and followers on their social media page. The manager of the luxury resort confirmed she will have enough likes and followers to sustain her family for at least the next quarter.

“Your money is no good at White Banana Beach Club, only Instagram followers.” Said the elated manager when offered cash from relatively known 21 year old Instagram superstar Kate Reed a.k.a @dreamless.knights.”

We caught up with Kate after she had settled in and posted 3 point-of-view stories for her 133k followers.

“Nothing makes me happier than giving to the needy,” said the attention deprived social media influencer. “This hotel will get tons of exposure on Instagram. I’m sponsored by STA Travel so they’ll pick this up and it will go viral.”

Kate checked out the rest of the resort alone, making sure to avoid eye contact with all hotel staff.

“You can’t make a personal connection with the staff or they expect a better tip,” she explained. “I didn’t bring any cash with me but I just tagged Flight Centre in my latest post so hopefully they give me a travel sponsors- I mean give this hotel some exposure.”

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Goannadeep is senior journalist at The YAP Native. After completing an Arts degree, he succumbed to the pressure of his parents and is making steady progress towards the Charted Accountant accreditation.