High-Achieving Future Medical Student Probably Wants To Do Neurosurgery Or Cardiothoracic Surgery

A local year 12 student from James Ruse Agricultural High School, Sally Xu, has just been accepted into medicine. She has also, apparently, found her true calling.

Fresh off the success of her perfect ATAR, Sally has confided to The Yap Native that she is certain that she has found her calling in “like, either neurosurgery… or cardiothoracic surgery”.

Miss Xu asserts that she has had “a deep desire to help people ever since [she] was a young girl”, and her desire to be a high-flying doctor is very clearly evidenced by the rigorous 1-week work experience placement she did in year 10, greeting patients as they walked in to Westmead Hospital.

“It was a very humbling placement for me. I’m thinking about volunteering for a medical outreach trip, too.”

“The interview panel loved that one.”

Miss Xu is adamant that the fact that her parents have pushed her to do medicine or law in university ever since she could turn the pages of her textbook by herself is purely coincidental to the fact that this has been her dream from day one.

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“Yeah of course I’m grateful for all the tutoring that I’ve had since I was in year 10*, but it’s always been my dream to be either a brain surgeon or heart surgeon, not theirs.”

When asked about the possibility of entering GP training, Miss Xu gave our correspondent a confused stare.

“I don’t think so. GPs aren’t specialists.”

*It was later revealed that what Miss Xu meant was 10 years of age

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