Grad Lawyer Afterpays Entire Salary For Gold Rolex In Hopes Of Getting Promoted

graduate lawyer gets promotion with rolex

Grad Lawyer Afterpays Entire Salary For Gold Rolex In Hopes Of Getting Promoted

NOTICE ME NOW SENPAI: Timothy Chan (22) has just joined McPenis and Sons Lawyers after many years of sacrificing social life and dating (so he claims) for intense studying.

Looking around on the office floor in his first week, he scans his management team to observe the aesthetic norms of the office.

His eyes move to the wrist area with the males.

Holy shit… Patek Philippe, IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Rolex.

That night, Tim doubles down on a Gold Rolex Daytona, worth his entire year’s salary on Afterpay.

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If I get this watch, I’ll get noticed by the Partners and separate myself from the animal pen of graduates. The gold tone will complement my Cambridge Blue coloured MJ Bale Suit.

Tim informs his colleague after experiencing the ecstatic rush of the biggest retail purchase of his life.

“Guess what I bought? A gold Rollie, Daytona. This grad is gonna get promoted to Senior Associate this year wut wuuuut?!”

“Are you bloody crazy? How are you going to pay off that amount on Afterpay?!”

“It’s all good”, Tim reassures. “It’s interest free”

“Afterpay lets me pay it off two months,did I mention – it’s interest free. If I eat Migoreng every night and drive uber on Fri/ Sat nights I’ve basically got passive income…

Since getting the high-end watch, upper-management has yet to give Tim any acknowledgement. Tim tells us it’s tax-time and they are under the pump.

More extreme measures to break the bamboo ceiling to follow.

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