Girl Who Started Snowboarding Last Year Splashes $1000 On Roxy Gear

Although Jennifer Seo (27) only started snowboarding 12 months ago, the young finance professional is locking in the hobby, long term.

She’s purchased over $1,000 in Roxy ski gear.

And she has no regrets.

“I was listening to a podcast the other day. It said to find your money dial and spend 10x on things you love” Jen told friends shortly after.

“So I’m 10xing my calling and committing to the mountain”

(Editors note: The podcast also mentions spending less on the things you don’t love.)

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Visiting the wonders of Thredbo last winter, Jen was able to master the leaf. She also received 400+ likes on her Instagram boomerang, candidly blowing snow from her hands toward camera.

Such meaningful experiences left the Scorpio no choice but to add the following to cart:

The part-time Oztag player now also identifies as a parkrider, as evidenced by the snowboard emoji and “Park Only” byline on her Insta profile.

Her latest story reveals more,

“You could say I’m more park than pow, but either way I respect the mountain”

“But what I don’t respect, is people who don’t follow resort etiquette”

“Like seriously, move to the side if you fall over, it’s as simple as that”

Friends of Jen have told THE YAP NATIVE that she should probably just chill out.

“She’s making up for the years her parents could only afford to send her to tutoring” said one girl close to Jen, who chose to remain anonymous.

“Like, she can’t even toe-side turn so just relax aye”

Jen added the following to her story shortly after hearing of those comments.

“Fuck the haters #snowbunny”

More life hobbyists to come.

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Jen is the lifestyle editor at The YAP Native. As a long time sufferer of a condition known as wanderlust Jenny has been to over 6 continents and dated both guys and girls from roughly 20 different ethnicities.