First Year Guy Working For I Heart Uni Still In Friendzone

After returning from BSOC Camp, William Chu (18) has the largest network of friends, like ever. He’s also kissed three girls more than his previous total of zero. William Chu fucking loves uni.

“This is what tertiary education is about! BSOC for the boys!”

He’s now even decided to join infamous nightlife society, I Heart Uni.

I just like what the role offers,” adds the first year commerce-science student. “Work perks”

The perks Will alludes to is the title of promoter and the possibility of impressing Elisa Nguyen (18), who briefly pecked Will on the cheek along with seven other boys during camp.

But the young Casanova isn’t quite there yet, Nguyen tells TYN.

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“I’ve probably looked at his profile a couple times now but I’m still sensing a bit of a dungeon and dragons vibe from him.”

“Like, if I was a sheltered dweeb from North Sydney Girls who discovered alcohol for the first time at camp, then maybe”

“But I went to Sydney Girls and had my first boyfriend at 15, and I’m going on Europe exchange next year where I’ll probably find my  French lover”

Will on on the other hand, isn’t going on exchange anytime soon and has thought of what he’ll be getting Elisa on their first anniversary.

“Come White party Elisa, got a spare ticket for you”

More spice to come.

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