Finance Society O-Week Stall To Offer Line Of Coke In Exchange For Email Address

A student group at the University of North Sydney has today made headlines after a hot start to its O-Week campaign.

Earlier this morning, the Finance and Banking Society (FSOC), was seen offering students a line of cocaine in exchange for their email signup.

And it’s causing hysteria around the campus, with multiple reports of Wolf Of Wall Street like chants forming near the FINSOC tent since 10am.

“Ko-kor!” yells 1st year student Jerry Lu. “Who’s the man? I’m the fucking man!”

[more eagle sounds]

“It’s actually like the movies” adds an excited 1st year Kerryn Song. “I love FINSOC. Woo!”

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“I’ve signed up 10 times” says 3rd year physio student Lucas Chi. “I don’t even do finance, I’m just trying to get loaded before tonight’s pub crawl”

Club president, Jason Peng, tells our reporter that while controversial, the campaign is working like a charm.

“We simply know our demographic, hence the 5,000 signups and hence the free lines”

“At the end of the day we have to prepare our club members for a taste of the real world – hard hours, hard people and hard drugs”.

“What your email btw?”

While there may be repercussions at the end of O-Week, it seems for now, FINSOC, is content blurring the moral lines with their own lines of Columbian marching powder.

“I’ll give you two bumps for your email”.

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