Filo Family Contracts Type 8 Diabetes

In a world first, an entire family has contracted type ∞ diabetes in one go.

The Recartes, who consist of two parents and three children, contracted the disease after over a decade of eating without moderation and old school Catholicism.

The Australian Centre for Diabetes notes on its website:

“Type ∞ diabetes is a rare type of Diabetes, saved for those who primarily eat chicken skin, banana ketchup and halo halo every meal”

“Monthly consumption of balut and sisig further increases risk.”

And while it’s a diet that The Recartes admit is “so tasty we have to eat everyday so masarap *drool”, the Blacktown residents don’t believe it has anything to do with their Type ∞ Diabettes.

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“No naht diet” Household matriarch Robelyne Desa Recarte told us from the window of the family Tarago.

“It’s curse, naht diet. We attend witch dahkter now to fix”

Out of curiosity, our reported followed the family van to said witch doctor. Polly Wong reports that the Recartes went straight to the closest McDonald’s to get Mcflurries. After 30 minutes they were still there, so Polly got herself a Fillet of Fish and went home.

More spice to come.

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