Facebook In 10 Years: “Remember When You Gurned For 6 Hours Straight At Transmission 2019?”

It’s the year 2029.

Cameron Tsang, who is now 31, attended Transmission in 2019. It was here where he took 5 caps and had a sick time.

And it appears Facebook would like to remind him of just how sick of a time he had.

“Cameron…we thought you’d like to look back on this post from 10 years ago” read the first thing on his VR newsfeed this morning.

Curious, Cameron scrolls.

“Fuaaaark, so much feeels” a 21 year old version of himself is heard yelling in what appears to be an IPhone 8 recorded video. “Fuck yeah!”

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Cameron then gets his head massaged during Above and Beyonds closing act. In the process, former gym brahs jaw can be seen in an aggressive gurn, alternating position from his face to the bottom of the screen

At this point Cameron begins to cover his mouth is disbelief.

“B-But how?”

After moving into a steady role at a Big Bank in his mid 20’s, Cameron began to remove behind the pill-laced trance festivals for a scene more in-line with his lifestyle: cocaine-heavy sessions at friends houses.

“But one thing he didn’t remove was the album uploaded by his ex-girlfriend Cherry hahahah” reveals best mate Steven Kim.

“There’s no forgetting this one”

Cameron, in fear of losing his job has since reached out to Cherry Liang via text message. This is her reply,

“You are who you are Cameron, and this doesn’t make us even you unfaithful prick”

More on Cameron’s future to come.

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