Christian Foodie Baptises Atheist Friend In Broth After Trying Malatang For First Time

A lifetime Christian and self-described foodie has tonight caused horrific scenes in Melbourne’s Central Business District.

During an after work visit to popular ‘pick your own ingredients’ Malatang Hot Pot, Tobias Wu (28, Youth Leader at Melbourne Central Hillsong) threw his friend into the 70+ degree broth.

It’s now understood the Civil Engineer started with sip of Mild Spicy soup. He soon bit into a piece of sliced lamb, before looking at his atheist buddy Brandon Cheng in astonishment.

“Oh my goodness, that is divine. It taste just like holy water.”

“I feel like I’ve been saved my sins cleansed”

It was at this moment, when Tobias realised it was his duty spread the word and help thy fellow sinner see the light. It’s when he dipped Brandon head first into the soup.

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“What are you doing T-”


“Brandon, I insist. You must accept the glory of fish balls and Malatang”

Brandon, who was rushed to Melbourne Hospital shortly after says while he’s severely burnt, he’d like to thank Tobias for showing him the love of God.

“After absorbing the flavours of chilli, garlic and peanut through my skin and choking on various tofu, I can finally understand the flavour of Malatang and hence my sins.”


More Malatang to come.

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