Casual Lunch Escalates As Durian Smoothie Is Ordered

“Holy fuck dude”

All was going well for lunch between Canley Vale’s newest couple. That was until the penny dropped that one of the two, likes Durian.

“She literally just asked for a durian smoothie with her Com Ga” Jason Chan promptly Facebook messaged his mates as it was happening.

This set off a farce debate in the chat, leaving Jason alone to question Cindy Nguyen’s choice of beverage.

“You’re joking babe?”

Cindy’s cute smile immediately faded to a bitch please?

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“Why would I be? Durian is the bomb, don’t fucking tell me you’re anti Durian? Do you like missionary Jason?”

Jason was now sweating bullets. “How could I have made this mistake? Do I like anything other than missionary??”

The FB chat, had also picked up.

“Dude any girl who likes Durian is a low key freak” said Tony Ly. “Step up or step off”

Mary Santiago however, was quick to defend her fellow female.

“Durian is the nectar of Asia and Cindy is a keeper. Don’t fuck it up Tony”

It’s unknown if Jason & Cindy did to resolve their little lunch dispute, however word has gotten around that they did go shopping for chokers shortly after.

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Jen is the lifestyle editor at The YAP Native. As a long time sufferer of a condition known as wanderlust Jenny has been to over 6 continents and dated both guys and girls from roughly 20 different ethnicities.