Study Finds Kimchi More Recognisable Than Most Asian People

asian foods versus asian ethnicities

The Department of Immigration has discovered that all people can in fact distinguish between Asian cuisines but not whether someone is Korean, Chinese or other shades of yellow.

“Are you Korean or Chinese bro? I can’t tell the difference you guys all look the same.” said a Cronulla-based carpentry enthusiast, Jason Briggs.
But the same friends will be able to tell you that Pho is Vietnamese, Kimchi is Korean, and sweet and sour pork is Chinese.

“I fucking love Kimchi, stuff is so good for you with all the probiotics. Get me some KBBQ and Soju bombs yiew!!”

If our mates put as much dedication into memorising yellow food choices as they did for the subtle facial and skin tonal varieties of our race, the following wouldn’t happen anymore.

“She looks a bit different, probably not Chinese… maybe she’s Thai? I don’t know where ‘Quach’ is from lol.”

The Native surveyed one of it’s close friends, Ben Badhu (Ghana) to get a more balanced view on the matter. “Does it make a difference? All of you are flat chested and small dicked. Just gimme some of that taro bubble tea and KBBQ.”

More spice and ambiguous Asian ethnicities to follow.

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Martin is the Chief Strategist at The YAP Native. Pressured to study medicine by his parents, he defaulted to commerce and found his calling sucking the corporate teet of the finance sector. You can catch him 'flexing' with a Single Malt Scotch Whisky at various upper class watering holes in Sydney CBD on Fridays.