South-West Sydney To Enjoy Australia Day BBQ With Darren Fucking Stylez

While a good portion of the nations youth will be following Triple J’s Hottest 100 this Australia Day weekend and debating whether or not it should be called Invasion Day – one subsection Sydney’s population, won’t be doing either.

That’s because this year, 10,000 or so South-Western Sydney ravers will be deep-frying themselves at HTID (Hardcore Till I Die) for a second consecutive Australia Day banger.

And while our nation’s controversial inception is up in the air, one Canley-based devotee plans to celebrate in force, with a high-octane lineup including the likes Wasted Penguinz, Breeze,

“And Darren fucking Stylez sonn” yells Truong with a passion. “Get the spatula cos I’m getting kay-yoooked!”

“Don’t even touch me while Switch drops”

[dududududuh switch]

When asked what he thinks about the decimation of our first peoples, Truong adds,

“I love Australia Day fam”

“Two days to recover from scat fuck yeah!”

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