Skyline Owner Ignores Worn Out Suspension By Blasting Tokyo Drift Soundtrack

Ignorance is drift

A Skyline owner of Brisabane’s Sunnnybank has swept $2000 of repairs out of sight and out of mind, under the comforting blanket of mid-2000s cinematic Nolstagia.

Anton Liu (28) was driving toward a friends house party with his friend Paul Nguyen when an odd creaking sound interrupted their conversation.

“Haha yeah and then Jenny was like-“

[Creaking sound]

“The fuck is that bro?” questioned Paul.

While Paul tried to work out where the noise was coming from, Anton began to flick through his Spotify for the solution to all Nissan car issues: the original soundtrack to The Fast and The Furious – Tokyo Drift.

At this point, Paul had come to the conclusion that Anton’s 2004 GTR had a bung suspension. As he voiced his concerns, Liu began to blast the feature banger by the Terriaki Boyz.

….I wonder if you know

How they live in Tokyo,

Paul: “Hey dude I think your-”

If you seen it then you mean it

Paul: “-I think your suspensions fucked”

Then you know you have to go.

Anton: “Sing it with me Paul”

Fast and furious!  (Drift, Drift, Drift)

[Creaking sound]

(Drift, Drift, Drift)

As the song progressed, Anton who we now understand prefers ‘DK’, began to drift down a suburban street before blowing out the handbrake. The pair are now at the mechanic and the soundtrack has remained on through the whole ordeal.

More on Anton’s GTR as it unfolds.

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