Opinion: My Conservative Asian Parents Mean It’s Okay For Me To Be Homophobic

As the eldest son in a high octane, success at all costs family from Singapore, I was taught early and often that certain groups of people deserved to be treated without any respect.

‘Malay people are deadweight in our society’

‘Poor people have mental sickness’

‘Don’t ever date a brown girl’

These were all common notions growing up. Tradition, was everything and that’s why it’s okay for me to be revolted by gay people.

I don’t believe in bigotry.

However, my parents did. So culturally and by default, yes, I am bigot.

And it’s not my fault.

Not my fault that homosexuality is a disease.

Not my fault people are offended when I call people f*ggots.

It’s not my fault.

Ignatius Chan.

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Ignatius is the lead business journo for The YAP Native and part-time crypto investor. While' Iggy' studied a Bachelor of Commerce, he considers himself a Master in Culture.