Indian Mate Accused of Liking Waleed Aly

An innocent bystander has been caught in the crossfire of a political discussion between two workmates. Simran, a seasoned accountant and touch football fiend was the victim of a verbal accusation by politically left-leaning colleague Mark.

“You shouldn’t listen to songs that degrade women,” said Mark. “You should watch the segment Waleed did on the project about the degradation of women in our society. Ask Simran.”

Simran who is also left leaning but enjoys hip hop and perving at girls at music festivals feels he’s been personally attacked.

While Waleed and Simran may share similar complexions, Simran is adamant that is where the similarities end.

“Don’t compare me to that cuck!” He snaps back defensively. “Waleed’s an asshole.”

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Goannadeep is senior journalist at The YAP Native. After completing an Arts degree, he succumbed to the pressure of his parents and is making steady progress towards the Charted Accountant accreditation.