Fyre Festival Reborn After Timstar Posts Orange Tile To Instagram

After watching the critically acclaimed Fyre Fraud Netflix documentary on the weekend, Social Media Disruptor Timothy Sun (Timstar) has posted a blank orange tile to his Instagram.

“#100GirlsOnTheBeachFestival2k19” reads the caption.

Speaking to sources close to Mr. Sun, it’s now understood the Sydney-grown personality hopes to recreate an island-style party as featured in the documentary, starting with the exact same social media campaign

And it’s working.

The post uploaded just 5 hours ago is now creating a widespread mix of doubt and excitement amongst fans in the comment section.

“Can’t wait for 100 Girls On The Beach Festival, but how do I get to the Bahamas?”

“Yo Timmy do I get 100 girls on the beach too?”

“Hi Timmy will this be in the Bahamas or Coogee?”

A second look at Mr. Sun’s bio reveals his current location as updated to the Bahamas along with a new website.

The website’s only page is a photo gallery of girls who have posed with the shirtless sensation, unironically at nightclubs in the past 5 years.

In the true spirit of Ja Rule and now infamous man behind Fyre: Billy McFarland, Timmy’s team has also begun deleting difficult comments on the post.

More on this story as it unfolds.

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