Fuckwit Doesn’t Think Waiting 45 Minutes For KBBQ Is Worth It

Harry Jones needs to quit bitching.

“Nah fuck that I’m not waiting 45 minutes to cook my own food,” he declares defiantly.

Not realising the post-work drinking squad has silently yet unanimously agree to getting some kimchi delicacies,  Harry needs to make a choice.

a) Grab a $4 slice of corner, kebab store pizza and call it a night

b) Quit his fucking bitching and come get grilled pork belly and peach soju with the boys.

“Harry come on,” insists Jin who has somehow convinced Harry to come out to the last 5 Korean BBQ sessions. Playing devil’s advocate, Jin eggs on his colleague.

“I know we waited 90 minutes last time but this is real KBBQ:”

With FOMO starting to kick in over quality banter and some possible one on one time with the new junior accountant Gemma, Harry gives him one last chance.

“Fine. But I better not be waiting an hour for food.”

“No chance bro,” lies Jin through his teeth.

More spice to come.

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Written by

Goannadeep is senior journalist at The YAP Native. After completing an Arts degree, he succumbed to the pressure of his parents and is making steady progress towards the Charted Accountant accreditation.