Asian Mate Finds Carrot Cake Disgusting

Justin Dong, who is at his friend Trevor’s house for an assignment is given carrot cake as a study treat by Trevor’s mum.

“This was made by Trevor’s grandmother!” Trevor’s mum happily announces.

One bite into the cake and Justin realises “wow there’s actual carrot bits in this” but not in the good way. Not in the this is so natural way, like woah my yoghurt has actual blueberries in it. More like, who would combine a garden carrot with cake?

Ah, only a certain type of people.

Those who wear their shoes inside their house, who find avocado spicy, or orders fried rice at yum cha.

Straining a smile, the polite reflexes which have been honed in upon him since birth come out.

“Mmm thanks Mrs Smith, this is lovely [sic]”.

Trevor to his right has already wolfed his portion down and is onto his second slice. Trevor loves carrot cake. He grins at Justin as he washes it down with a glass of full cream milk.

Returning to their assignment, Justin finds his view of Trevor has distastefully changed. He can’t stop thinking about it. Who can eat something like that, two slices in fact, and not protest at its flavour or texture? Why carrot? What’s next, capsicum cake? Alfalfa cake?

Trevor sees Justin staring at him and grins happily, a stray bit of carrot on his chin and the remnants of a milk moustache on his mouth.

Justin’s can’t do this. He packs his things up and goes home. Carrot is meant for stir-fry’s, steamed vegetables or pork rolls. Nope. Not cake.


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Martin is the Chief Strategist at The YAP Native. Pressured to study medicine by his parents, he defaulted to commerce and found his calling sucking the corporate teet of the finance sector. You can catch him 'flexing' with a Single Malt Scotch Whisky at various upper class watering holes in Sydney CBD on Fridays.