Banquet at Indian Wedding Sees End of Paleo Diet

Jasdeep’s now failed attempt to stick to his Paleo diet came to a dramatic end at Harris Park today.

After talking up the benefits of Paleo to his eager cousins who just started working out, Jasdeep’s eye started to wonder as the entrees were served.

Justifying the lamb kofta as “loosely Paleo,” Jasdeep’s one serving turns into 4. The rush of feel good hormones he hasn’t felt in weeks go in to  overdrive and the floodgates open.

“Can you pass the samosa? Hey don’t hog the mint sauce!!!”

Now two weeks in to his diet, Jasdeep clean eating officially came to an end after being spotted taking four pieces of garlic naan, 2 scoops of kadhai chicken,  a generous serving of lamb roganjosh and repeat trips for the palak paneer.

Scooping the bottom of the tray like a man relapsing, Jasdeep has no shame tonight.

“Give me that palak paneer!”

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Goannadeep is senior journalist at The YAP Native. After completing an Arts degree, he succumbed to the pressure of his parents and is making steady progress towards the Charted Accountant accreditation.