Baby Faced Asian Snaps When Younger Dan Murphys Checkout Asks for ID

asian getting id checked buying alcohol dan murphys

Jonathan Wong and his squad have just finished shopping at Dan Murphy’s for tonight’s house party. Carrying a case, a couple of six packs and bottles between them, they head towards the checkout.
Jonathan assumes the role of payer since he’s loaded, and the rest of the group would rather transfer (4 weeks late as usual).

“Bet you Jono’s gonna get his ID checked bahaha”, chimes one of the group before they arrive at the checkout.

It’s a 50/50, I’ve got my glasses AND Rolex on, surely they’ll recognise I’m a young asian professional.

“Hey mate, big one tonight hey?” The checkout kid says to Jonathan.

“Na mate, just a quiet night playing chess ha ha”

“Yeah solid, mind if I check your ID?”

“You mean my drivers license?” Jono challenges.

“Yeah sorry mate, just to be safe. It’s a compliment anyways right? Means you look under 25” the checkout kid says to soften the blow.

“Sure thing buddy”, Jono obliges as he swaps his credit card into the other hand to grab his drivers license.

“Wow, you’ve got 8 years on me” exclaims the checkout kid.

“Yeah, baby faced assassin for life”, Jono sighs as he picks up the bottles.

As they exit Dans, Jono mutters under his breath “this wouldn’t have happened if I could grow a fucking beard.”

More spicy baby faced action to follow.

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