Asian Girl On Tinder Thanks White Match For Backhanded Compliment

Although Cathy Nguyen (Vietnamese background) has often thought of herself as a strong 7, she’d like to thank most recent match for letting her know she is hotter than most other Asians.

“No. I didn’t realise I had a better body than most Chinese girls,” she replies gratefully.

“Nor did I realise I was Chinese”

“Thank you for that Christopher, truly x”

Cathy’s match, Christopher Elias, says it’s impossible for him to be racist because he’s always been into Asian girls who cook well and are obedient.

“I’ve just never seen a Pikachu with a pair of tits and an ass.”

More spice to come.

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Jen is the lifestyle editor at The YAP Native. As a long time sufferer of a condition known as wanderlust Jenny has been to over 6 continents and dated both guys and girls from roughly 20 different ethnicities.