“Anyone Paid Us For Karaoke?” Met With Radio Silence In Group Chat

Don’t you get frequent flyer points but?

“Yo, who hasn’t transferred us for K? 100 each cheers”

With two hours of radio silence and two blue ticks lingering in the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp chat, the young finance professional accepts his predicament.


“Guess I’ll go fuck myself aye.”

When Michael Duong (25) took out a Westpac Black Frequent Flyer Credit Card earlier this year, he envisioned sorting payments quickly at group social outings, yet reaping the reward of a free international flight somewhere down the track.

But as he failed to learn repeatedly, money is cheap, especially if you can earn rewards points.

“Why do I never have savings?” Michael is heard talking to himself.

Group Spending Enthusiast (GSE), Dragon Chew, insists it’s just etiquette for the group credit card holder to pay for everything, as it “evens out in the end anyway”.

“He gets bonus points right? One dollar for every point gets you to Tomorrowland in no time”

One of other four GSE’s, Alan Won reckons he’ll transfer Michael, but maybe later when he only asks for $50.

“Oi what’s your details again? My phones fucked”

More spice to come.

One item that will help you earn frequent flyer points (and stay woke)

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