Accounting Undergrad Keeps MJ Bale Suit On for Night Class

Despite finishing work 3 hours earlier and living only 15 minutes from work and uni, Andrew has elected to keep his new MJ Bale suit on for his Accounting B class. The UTS underground finished his underpaid Cadetship at 5:30pm, went to the gym, had a nice dinner then changed back in to his suit for class.

“You got to dress the part bro,” says Andrew defending his choice. “Plus my Cadetship is boring me to tears so I may as well look good in class.”

Hoping to impress the girls in class Andrew is disappointingly met with fellow big four cadets and interns and mature age students all with the same idea.

“Hey bro which firm do you work for?” asks 40-something year old mature aged student Steve.

Disgusted by the sleazy creep that takes Night classes Andrew restores the distance away from the two.

“Get away from me!”

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