While she made both the health conscious and environmentally sustainable choice to switch to a plant-based diet in 2019, it appears Caroline Lim (24) all but forgot last night.

The fashion-buyer, who without fail drank a soy-latte enroute to her warehouse office everyday last week, decided to take a break from the organic life during last nights Chinese New Year dinner.

“Gong Hey Fat Choi Fam. Can I get some of that plum sauce?” Caroline requested as she began devouring an entire plate of Roast Duck.


“Where’s the Cha Siu at?”

Shocked, her younger brother Gilbert immediately contacted The YAP Native.

“Normally Carol would be telling me off for the fast fashion shirt I bought from ASOS, but today she’s had her 3rd serving on Siu Aap.”

And there appears to be no signs of stopping. With Chinese New Year set to start officially on Tuesday, Lim will be taking part in more festive dinners until further notice.

When confronted about the irony of her life choice:

“My love for my culture is greater than my love for the planet”

“Sorry not sorry”

“Your white, you wouldn’t understand.”

More spice to come.